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2016 Winter Appeal

The Archbishop’s Winter Appeal for LifeLink 2016

This is a Jubilee Year of Mercy in the Catholic Church. Pope Francis is responsible for this initiative and I think we should be very grateful to him for it.
It gives us a chance to get behind many of the surface things which sometimes preoccupy us in relation to the Church and our Christian lives, and reflect on what is really essential.

popeSo what is Pope Francis inviting us to do in this Year of Mercy? Well, obviously he is inviting us to recognise that mercy is at the heart of the life and teachings of Jesus. In fact, the Pope begins his letter announcing the Year of Mercy by saying that:

Jesus Christ is the face of the Father's mercy.

What Pope Francis is really getting at is that mercy is ultimately one of the most fundamental aspects of God himself, and that this God, who is mercy, has shown us what this looks like in practice by sending us his Son, Jesus, who we might say translates the mysterious language of divine mercy into human language – and that language is not just words, but actions, and attitudes and concrete gestures.

I recently had the wonderful opportunity of speaking with secondary schools students from across the Archdiocese; I said to the young people, "If you have trouble understanding what mercy means, or what it looks like, or how to explain it to yourself or to others, then just take out the word "mercy" and replace it with the word 'large-hearted'.

Think to yourself not that Pope Francis has called for a Year of Mercy, but that he has called for a year of 'large-heartedness'. And then, if you begin to wonder what large-heartedness will look like you might think that it will look like this:

generosity will take the place of stinginess;
gentleness will take the place of aggressiveness;
forgiveness will take the place of resentment and a desire for revenge;
and encouragement will take the place of negativity, bullying and gossip".

winterappeal2016Through the work of LifeLink, we see the powerful impact of what can be achieved when we are 'large-hearted', and in doing so, expressing our faith in concrete and practical terms.

LifeLink agencies, on behalf of us all, respond by providing emergency housing, counselling support, emergency relief, employment & training programmes, migrant & refugee assistance, disability and respite support, refuge for women and children escaping domestic violence and more.

Archbishop Costelloe SDB said: “As I officially launch my Winter Appeal for LifeLink 2016, I ask you to please open your hearts, be 'large-hearted' and give generously.

Let us join together and respond to Pope Francis's challenge in this special Jubilee Year of Mercy, by raising a minimum of $300,000 to help people in need this winter.”

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