2018 Winter Appeal | LifeLink

2018 Winter Appeal

Tuesday 1 May, 2018

Archbishop launches
'2018 Winter Appeal for LifeLink'

"Little children, let us not love in word or speech, but in deed and in truth" (1 John 3:18)

The Archbishop's message, as he launched his Winter Appeal for LifeLink, was a “call to alms” in the fight against need in the community (excuse the pun).

The Archbishop's annual Winter Appeal raises much needed funds, which the Church directs through LifeLink, to Archdiocesan welfare agencies which help care for people in real need in the community… especially during winter.

In his message to parishioners this year, Archbishop Timothy Costelloe SDB said:

"As I prepare my annual Winter Appeal message, I find myself reflecting on recent media coverage on the plight of the homeless, who increasingly have a much more visible presence on our streets both here in Perth and nationally.

Another news story suggested that one in five children in Australia is going hungry one day each week, as families struggle to provide for life's basic needs. Yet another story promoted the neglect and ill treatment of the elderly in poorly run nursing homes.

How do we react to such news? Do we express our dismay or voice our indignation that this 'need' can possibly exist in our communities? Or do we instead find it so distressing or confronting that we quickly change the channel or turn the page of our paper? When we see a homeless person on the street, do we stop to speak to them or do we quickly look away and pretend not to have noticed?

Good ShepherdFor people who, through our faith, are called to walk in the footsteps of the Good Shepherd, who also reveals himself in the story of the Good Samaritan, these are important and challenging questions.

It is the life and teachings of Jesus which make clear for us just how important it is that we demonstrate and express compassion, understanding and love for our brothers and sisters in need: that we lift our eyes, extend our hands, open our hearts and walk with those in need".

The Archbishop goes on to say "Where the poor are concerned too many people are often guilty of a sin of omission or indifference. Thinking it is “society’s problem” to solve, looking the other way when passing a beggar or changing the channel when the news shows something disturbing are not Christian responses.

God will not ask us if we felt righteous indignation,” he said, “but whether we did some good.”

"We can all help heal the sick, care for the poor, feed the hungry, support the abused and the isolated, offer forgiveness and hope, extend protection and care to those who seek it.

The question is: How?? You can help by generously supporting the work of Church organisations such as LifeLink. Our LifeLink Catholic Caring agencies, on behalf of us all, provide emergency housing, counselling support, emergency relief, employment & training programmes, migrant & refugee assistance, disability and respite support, refuge for women and children escaping domestic violence and more".


More than 34,000 Western Australian families and individuals
will be helped by a LifeLink agency this year.

Archbishop Timothy hopes that together, as one Catholic family,
we will raise a minimum of $300,000 to help people in need this winter.

We ask for your generous support.


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