2015 Winter Appeal

Archbishop Costelloe’s ‘Winter Appeal for LifeLink’
to be officially launched on Tuesday 5 May 2015.

This annual fundraising appeal raises a significant portion of the funding the Church directs through LifeLink, to welfare agencies of the Archdiocese which help people in need within our community.

In the Archbishop’s Appeal message this year, he writes:Pope Francis

“Pope Francis has captured the world’s imagination. As his papacy unfolds many people detect, within themselves and in the Church community, a new sense of hope and a renewed interest in the faith.

One of the reasons for this is the Pope’s constant call to all of us to return to the basics. Both through the witness of his actions and the simplicity of his language the Pope speaks to us in ways we can understand and reminds us of those things which are at the heart of our faith.

As I write this letter to launch my annual Winter Appeal for LifeLink, it is this call to return to the heart of our faith that I would like to share with all of you. I invite you to read the words below which come from Pope Francis and spend some time with me as I reflect briefly on them”.

In launching his appeal to help provide care and comfort to those in need this winter, Archbishop Costelloe says, “As Pope Francis reminds us, it is all too easy for us to forget about those in our midst who are struggling, subject to injustice, forgotten and ignored – but this is something God our Father never does.

Our hearts can grow cold, but God’s heart, revealed in Jesus, is full of mercy. That quality of mercy, which can sometimes be so lacking in our society, is the very thing Pope Francis is calling us to put at the heart of our lives as Christians. It is the quality which shines through the story of the Good Samaritan whose heart, we are told, was moved with compassion when he saw the man who had been attacked by robbers lying helpless and abandoned on the road.

The Good Samaritan did not turn a blind eye to this man’s desperate need.

We, as disciples of Jesus, must do no less”

LifeLink social service agencies continue to provide professional support and loving care to thousands of Western Australian families and individuals in need who reach out for help, each and every year, right across WA!

Archbishop Costelloe hopes his 2015 Winter Appeal for LifeLink will raise a minimum of $300,000 for people in need this winter.

We ask for your ongoing support and generosity.

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