2014 Winter Appeal | LifeLink

2014 Winter Appeal

Archbishop Launches Winter Appeal for LifeLink

Archbishop Costelloe’s “Winter Appeal for LifeLink”
will be officially launched on Tuesday 6 May 2014.

winterappear201401This annual fundraising appeal raises a significant portion of the funding directed to LifeLink agencies to help people in need within our community.

The Archbishop’s Appeal message this year draws inspiration from the words of Pope Francis, who in his Lenten Message wrote, “In the poor and outcast we see Christ’s face; by loving and helping the poor, we love and serve Christ”.

Archbishop Costelloe said “In our own city, our suburbs and our country towns it is not hard to find people who need a helping hand. In their sad, empty or despairing eyes we see reflected for us, the eyes of Christ.

In those same eyes we also see our own reflection for there are times when we all need the love, encouragement and practical help of others. When we ourselves are in need we have to have the courage and humility to reach out for help.

This is not always easy. When others reach out to us, with courage, humility and hope, how then can we turn away?” he said.

LifeLink social service agencies continue to provide professional support and loving care to thousands of Western Australian families and individuals in need who reach out for help, each and every year, right across WA!

LifeLink continues to meet this challenge because of your ongoing generosity and compassion. As I officially launch my Winter Appeal for LifeLink 2014, I ask you to please continue to give generously.

Archbishop Costelloe hopes his 2014 Winter Appeal for LifeLink
will raise a minimum of $330,000 for people in need this Winter.



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