Bishop Sproxton Presents Spirit Award to St Helena’s Catholic Primary School

As is the tradition, during his launch of LifeLink Day this year, Archbishop Costelloe announced that the joint recipients of his Spirit Award (for the previous year) were Mercy College and St Helena’s Catholic Primary School.

The Archbishop’s Spirit Award is presented to the school which comprehensively:

  • Demonstrates active support for the Archbishop’s LifeLink Day Initiative.
  • Embraces the goals of LifeLink Day, that is, to not only learn about the Church’s response to people in need within the Archdiocese but to also undertake some form of fundraising in support of the social service agencies funded through LifeLink.
  • Commits to educating students on their responsibility to care for those less fortunate in our community.
  • Promotes an ethos of caring and compassion to students, teachers, parents and the wider community – that we all have a responsibility to show love and compassion not just on LifeLink Day, but every day.

For their equally wonderful efforts during LifeLink Day 2016, both Mercy College and St Helena’s were selected by Archbishop Timothy and Bishop Don as worthy recipients.

On Friday, 20 October 2017, Bishop Don Sproxton, Auxiliary Bishop of Perth and Chairman, LifeLink Executive, made a special visit to St Helena’s Catholic Primary School in Ellenbrook to present the school the 2016 Archbishop’s Spirit Award.

Lina Bertolini, Principal of St Helena’s Primary School said:

“It was lovely to welcome Bishop Sproxton to St Helena’s; everyone was very excited by his visit and to be receiving this special honour. We held a simple whole school assembly which was led by Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl, Bertie Turrell-Knight and Eloise Ham. Afterwards, Bishop Sproxton shared morning tea with staff and School Board representatives plus our four Student Leaders”.

The Archbishop’s Spirit Award was graciously accepted on behalf of the entire school by Head Boy and Head Girl, James McGowan and Therese Topliss.

In their response of appreciation to Bishop Sproxton, which they prepared, they said:

“We would like to thank you, Your Grace, for recognising our enthusiasm in helping those less fortunate than us. We feel extremely blessed to be granted such a prestigious award and are so grateful and happy that our school could be a part of such a special cause.

Our school motto, something beautiful for God, expresses that we should care for all and loves one another just as God loves us. As a school community, we always strive to give what we can and to show our appreciation and love to everyone we meet. We believe that if we remember this motto, every day we can make a difference in people’s lives which is what LifeLink is all about – coming together to help those who need our support.

We admire the work that the other schools do and acknowledge the effort put into helping the program thrive. As a whole, we hope that the schools can work together to make a change. We wish all the best for the LifeLink program and we hope that it can continue to strive to reach the goal of putting our faith into action.

Thank you, Your Grace, for coming, and we will sincerely cherish this award”.

From all of us here at the LifeLink Office, we wish to add our heartfelt congratulations to everyone at St Helena’s Primary School. Thank you for your ongoing generosity and wonderful support for the work of our LifeLink agencies… and we hope to see you back for LifeLink Day 2018!

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