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LifeLink Day 2016

LifeLink Day 2016

Welcome to my LifeLink Day Initiative for Catholic Schools for 2016

Year of MercyLifeLink Day 2016 will officially be launched on Wednesday 8 June which as usual coincides with WA Week. It is most appropriate during this week of celebrating what is great about our State, for us to also focus on and remember people in need within the community – people right here 'at home' in WA.

LifeLink Day this year takes on even greater significance, as Pope Francis has also announced that this will be a special Jubilee Year of Mercy. The Year of Mercy commenced on 8 December 2015 and will conclude on 20 November 2016.

Pope Francis

Pope Francis in announcing the Year of Mercy invites Catholics here and around the world to recognise that mercy is at the heart of the life and teachings of Jesus. In fact the Pope begins his letter announcing the Year of Mercy by saying that –

"Jesus Christ is the face of the Father's mercy".

What Pope Francis is really getting at is that mercy is ultimately one of the most fundamental aspects of God himself, and that this God, who is mercy, has shown us what this looks like in practice by sending us his Son, Jesus, who we might say translates the mysterious language of divine mercy into human language – and that language is not just words, but actions, and attitudes and concrete gestures.

So this LifeLink Day is the major way in which the Catholic schools within our Archdiocese can together to make sure that those who, on our behalf, show mercy and compassion to those in need, have the resources they need to make a difference in real, concrete, practical ways.

We don't ask why these people are in need, we don't ask them to explain themselves, we don't judge them and far less do we condemn them.

We simply say, "Here's someone in need; here's someone who is finding life a real struggle at the moment; here's someone who has the same hopes and dreams as we do but whose life hasn't worked out the way they would have hoped – and we can help".

Primary Schools

LifeLink Day 2016 Primary Schools A2 Poster

Primary schools are asked to actively participate in my 'Link Up on LifeLink Day" challenge.

I hope every primary school in the Archdiocese of Perth will enthusiastically get behind this initiative again this year and have a lot of fun doing so. Remember, Bishop Sproxton and I would really like you to share photos and results from your school.

I have invited representatives from every primary school to join Bishop Don and I for our official launch of LifeLink Day on Wednesday 8 June 2016. We will join together each school's individual paper chains to make one long continuous chain. This will be a powerful example of us joining together as one Catholic family, to reach out to our brothers and sisters in need.

Secondary Schools

LifeLink Day 2016 Secondary School A2 Poster

I am delighted to say that we have already received confirmation that 28 secondary schools will be attending my 2016 Archbishop's Forum for Secondary Schools, with over 230 principals, teachers and student representatives present.

This will be hosted at Aranmore College on Tuesday 5 April 2016.

My hope is that each school's representatives will be my 'link' within their individual school, sharing their experience with fellow students and teachers, and helping spread the good news about LifeLink and LifeLink Day.

On the homepage of this website, you will find resources to help you and your school participate fully in LifeLink Day. In due course, we will also upload the videos from my Forum for Secondary Schools and the special Launch for Primary Schools.


I wish you every success and thank you in advance for supporting my LifeLink Day 2016.

Together, we can (and do) make a difference!

Archbishop Signature
Most Rev Timothy Costelloe SDB
Archbishop of Perth


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