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Mercy College Excited to Welcome Archbishop Timothy

On Friday 10 November, 2017, Archbishop Timothy Costelloe visited staff and students at Mercy College in Koondoola to present the school with a special award.

During LifeLink Day 2017, as is the tradition, Archbishop Costelloe announced which school would be the recipient of his special "Archbishop's Spirit Award" for their efforts during LifeLink Day the previous year.

We are delighted to report that Mercy College, Koondoola and St Helena's Primary School, Ellenbrook were announced as joint winners of the 2016 Archbishop's Spirit Award.

LifeLink Day for Catholic Schools is an initiative established in the Archdiocese of Perth in 1999. Thorough LifeLink Day, Catholic students are encouraged to learn more about the Church's response to people in need within the community.

Spirit Award MockupIn addition, as an example of "Faith in Action" students are encouraged to undertake some form of fundraising to help support the work of the social service agencies funded through LifeLink.

The Archbishop's message to students on LifeLink Day is that as one Catholic family, we all have a responsibility to care for people less fortunate in the community and that we are called on to show love and compassion for our brothers and sisters in need… not just on LifeLink Day, but every day.

Each year, Archbishop Costelloe and Bishop Sproxton (traditionally) select one school to receive a special acknowledgement and a token of their appreciation – The Archbishop's Spirit Award. The award is not based on how much money a school raises; it is presented to the school which demonstrates outstanding support for, and positive participation in, LifeLink Day.

Bishop Sproxton visited St Helena's Catholic Primary School to present the school with its Spirit Award on 20 October, 2017.

Archbishop Cotelloe was delighted to have the opportunity of presenting his award to Mercy College.

"This was my first visit to Mercy College and I was so grateful for the warm and generous welcome I received from the entire school community. It was wonderful to take a tour of the school after the morning Liturgical Service and to share morning tea with members of the staff and leadership team afterwards. It was indeed a memorable and enjoyable visit to Mercy College" he said.

During his Address to staff and students, Archbishop Costelloe said: "I am impressed that students from Mercy College have heeded my invitation to remember the poor. It really is heartening to see that the Mercy College school community are a people ready to roll up their sleeves, get their hands dirty and make a difference" he said.

Mercy College Principal, Julie Hornby, said she is proud of her students, staff and entire school community for their dedication to putting their Christian witness into practise.
"We want to be a school community that has ears to listen and eyes to see the importance of being a school community that gives, and gives generously, particularly for the work of LifeLink. For students at Mercy College, we are committed to promoting a culture among our students that encourages them to take out their headphones to listen to one another, opens their eyes to see what is happening around them and most importantly, to be a people that has a heart for those in need" she said.

From all of us here at the LifeLink Office, our congratulations and thanks to everyone at Mercy College, Koondoola.

Hope to see you all for LifeLink Day 2018!





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