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St Gerard's Primary School gets an early start on LifeLink Day

Mrs Vivante, Assistant Principal, St Gerard's Primary School in Westminster, told us that LifeLink Day had arrived early at her school.

As you can see from the photo supplied, the students have already completed their LifeLink Day Hearts and decided to display them at the school for the day.

Mrs Vivante said:

"The children really enjoyed the activity this year, and were amazed to see the collection of LifeLink Hearts on our grassed area at school.

We are leaving the Hearts on display until the end of the day, so that the children can share the LifeLink message with their parents and guardians.

Our community, although small, and from a low socio-economic area, always digs deep and contributes to our Catholic fundraising initiatives".

Thanks so much for sharing this news with us Mrs Vivante and we are delighted that everyone at St Gerard's Primary had so much fun with our LifeLink Day activity.

We are grateful for every student and every school which helps support the work of our LifeLink agencies thorough LifeLink Day.

Because of your support, our LifeLink Agencies continue to reach out to people in need in the community.

Remember, every dollar you raise goes to the direct care of our brothers and sisters in need.

Together, we can and do make a difference!

Congrats to everyone at St Gerard's.


Brett Mendez
PS: We passed on your great photo to Archbishop Timothy and Bishop Don as requested smilie
Manager, LifeLink





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