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St Gerard's Primary Year 6 Students celebrate LifeLink Day with pizza party


We were delighted to receive the following note and photo from Mrs Josephine Vivante, Assistant Principal RE at St Gerard's Primary School.

On Friday 3rd June 2016, the staff and children at St Gerard's Primary School got together to link up for LifeLink Day. Children and staff were encouraged to bring coins to contribute to a class money chain. The class with the longest chain on the day was rewarded with a pizza party.

This year, our Year 6 students were pleased to share in a class pizza party. The staff and children were also asked to make a gold coin donation to support LifeLink.

On behalf of St Gerard's Primary School, I am pleased to forward a cheque for $410.00 to the Archbishop's LifeLink Appeal 2016.

Please find a photo of our school community participating in LifeLink Day.


Thanks very much Mrs Vivante and congratulations to everyone at St Gerard's for a truly wonderful effort.

We hope the Year 6 class enjoyed the pizza… next time, let us know so the Archbishop and I can join you for a slice smilie

Brett Mendez
Manager, LifeLink.









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