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Trinity College Junior School Supporting LifeLink Day

We were delighted to receive the following note and the accompanying photos from Mr Martin Tucker, Head of Trinity College Junior School:

Please find attached photos showing how the TC Junior School promoted LifeLink Day this year. The boys were asked to bring in coins and they made a coin line for each class. The length of the paper chain for each class correlated to the length of the coin line.

We are very pleased to announce that in total, our boys collected 38.6kgs of donations raising $793.30 for LifeLink Day. Our coin line stretched 130 metres so our chain for "Link Up on LifeLink Day" contained 1710 links.

Not a bad effort for 225 boys!


We agree Mr Tucker, not a bad effort at all. smilie

Our sincere thanks to you and everyone at TC Junior School, we are so grateful for your support!

Hope to see you for LifeLink Day 2017.

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Trinity College Junior School





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