What is LifeLink Day?

The LifeLink Day Schools Initiative was established in 1999…

What is LifeLink?
To promote understanding of the Church’s response to people in need within the community.
What is LifeLink?

To instil in Catholic students attending Archdiocesan Schools, a sense of responsibility for caring for those less fortunate.

What is LifeLink?

To provide education and information of the work the LifeLink social service agencies, which help many thousands of Western Australians in need each year.

What is LifeLink?
To encourage a “practical demonstration of Faith” by asking students, teachers and schools to organise a special fundraising event for LifeLink Day, with the proceeds aiding people in real need within the community.

Since inception, Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of Perth have warmly embraced LifeLink Day, and it has grown to become a much anticipated event in the schools’ annual calendar.

I am delighted to say that through your support of LifeLink Day, Catholic schools have helped raise a total of $3 million for people in need throughout Western Australia.

Thank you for your collective generosity and compassion!

LifeLink Day for Secondary Schools 2019