Will's & Bequests

What is a Will?

It is a simple but important legal document which guarantees your lifetime’s work is passed onto the people or persons of your choosing.

Whilst not usually a complex or formidable task to prepare your Will, it is important that you are aware of and understand the legal requirements required for Will preparation.

It is important that the document be specifically and clearly worded so your express wishes are clearly defined and carried out.

Anyone over 18 years of age should prepare a Will regardless of the value of their assets.


Who Benefits from your Will?

Whomever YOU decide – it’s that simple! YOU decide which people and/or organisations will be named as beneficiaries.

Most people’s first priority is to provide for the immediate needs and future security of their family or loved ones.

Generally speaking, people distribute their Estate to one or more of the following:

  • Their spouse or partner
  • Their children and/or grandchildren
  • Other relatives or close family friends
  • The Church
  • Charitable causes
Bequests – A Living Gift of Love

In your Will, you might decide you would like to leave a “bequest” or a “gift” to the Church or a charitable organisation.

Many people like to do this, because it affords them the opportunity to make the kind of generous gift they would like to have made during their lifetime but were unable to do so.

At LifeLink, we always refer to these bequests as “Living Gifts”, because funds received by bequest are directed to the LifeLink Foundation.

The LifeLink Foundation was established to raise a capital base of $10 million that will, in perpetuity, help fund the important work of the LifeLink welfare agencies.

Through the LifeLink Foundation, your generosity continues to support our social service agencies and people in real need within Western Australia… year, after year, after year.