St Augustine’s “Socks it to them” for LifeLink Day

Christine Khose, Assistant Principal, St Augustine Primary School, Riverton, kindly shared the following LifeLink Day story with us.

“I would just like to share a few pics of LifeLink Launch 2019 as odd socks, knee high socks, socks with reindeers were all the go on Wednesday 5 June at St Augustine Primary School. Our Mini-Vinnie team decided that this year for LifeLink Day students should spread happiness and get crazy with . . . Socks!!

We had mismatched, patterns, animals, footy and or course rainbow. Even staff couldn’t go past donning some crazy socks. The Mini Vinnie team collected over $200 for the Archbishops Catholic Caring Agencies. All classes also enjoyed getting crafty adding their ‘little bit’ to the school Big Book of Hope and Love.

I hope you enjoy the photos attached of LifeLink Day the St Augustine way!”

Thanks so much Ms Krose, we loved the photos! Congratulations to you and all the teachers and students at St Augustine’s for such an innovative and fun fundraising idea.

Our LifeLink agencies will be so grateful for your generous gift which will help to make a difference in the lives of people in need here in WA.

St Augustine 1A St Augustine 1BSt Augustine 2A

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