LifeLink Day 2020 Secondary Schools

Welcome to my ‘2020 LifeLink Day for Catholic Schools’

Dear Students, Principals and Teachers,

On Wednesday 3 June, I officially launch LifeLink Day for 2020.

Due to the extraordinary times we are all experiencing as a result of the COVID19 crisis and the social distancing restrictions which apply, Bishop Sproxton and I cannot be with you in person.

But we did want to send all of you our best wishes, and to provide information which we hope you may find of interest. Our special launch video is available here:

We hope teachers will make time to share this in class and discuss LifeLink Day with you.

LifeLink Day is launched during WA Week each year. It is appropriate that we join together to celebrate what is great about our State, especially as restrictions are slowly lifted and we all return to a more normal life… as best we can.

LifeLink Day is also when I ask each of you to reflect on, and reach out to, people who are struggling in the community – our ‘brothers and sisters right here at home’.

The past weeks and months have been hard – separated from family and friends, perhaps experiencing hardships we hadn’t previously imagined like not being able to buy certain foods or for many adults, the temporary loss of a job.

Now imagine what life has been like for all the people who were already suffering great hardships BEFORE the Covid19 crisis. What must life be like for them at this moment?

Today, they need us more than ever!

LifeLink Day is a wonderful opportunity for students attending Catholic schools within the Archdiocese of Perth to join together to show support for the many Church agencies, which on behalf of us all, reach out to provide practical care and direct assistance to thousands of people in need in the community.

Special Note for Principals and Teachers:

I understand the significant impact the suspension of the school year has had on principals, teachers, staff and students. I’m sure you are now working to re-schedule all that needs to be achieved during the balance of this year.

Please know my thoughts and prayers are with you all.

LifeLink Day will proceed this year… however it is up to each school to decide if it will participate and can make time available during the school year to do so.

Schools may conduct LifeLink Day at any time during the school year.

Of course, Bishop Don and I remain hopeful that the majority of schools will still choose to be a part of LifeLink Day 2020.

We hope you will join together as one Catholic family, to respond to our brothers and sisters who reach out to us for help, and who need us even more at this challenging time.



Unfortunately, my annual “Archbishop’s Forum for Secondary Schools” had to be cancelled.

Teachers are encouraged to discuss LifeLink Day with students in class and to hopefully share the launch video which has been provided.

We hope your school will find time to host a special fundraising “LifeLink Day” at some stage during the school year.

We wish you and your school every success.

Thank you for supporting LifeLink Day 2020.

Most Rev Timothy Costelloe SDB
Archbishop of Perth

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